Teacher profile: Ms. E


Ma'kiyah Stone

El-Amrani goes by Ms. E to her students.

SARAH JONES, Fourth grade staff writer

The walls are covered with photographs- pictures of smiling scholars, trips to Jamaica, and photos of a dance crew decorate the room. Empty spaces are filled with charts of reading and writing guides to help scholars learn. By the door, there’s a little window with a poster stating, “Welcome to Ms. E’s 4th grade ELA class!” 

Natalie El-Amrani, or Ms. E, is a fourth-grade English language arts teacher. She’s been with Melrose Elementary for three years. 

“I love writing. Writing is a good way to express yourself. It is my favorite thing to do,” said El-Amrani. 

While El-Amrani previously taught Journalism, she switched to teaching ELA this school year. “I wanted my own classroom,” explained El-Amrani. 

“She makes me feel like reading and writing is easy when she helps me,” said fourth-grade scholar Iyanna Young. “She makes me feel confident in myself.” 

“I believe in them by not letting them quit,” said El-Amrani. “I love the scholars.” 

In addition to teaching fourth grade, El-Amrani leads a club called Cultural Expressions, a dance club for fourth and fifth-grade girls.