Pinocchio The Opera


and Malaya Harris

We went to see Pinocchio as an opera in third grade. I have seen the fictional story of Pinocchio, but this one was an opera. There was Pinocchio, Geppetto, a fairy disguised as an old lady, a wolf, a cat that was evil, an evil wood maker, a girl wood doll, and Pinocchio. The wood doll made the wood maker mad and she got broken apart by the evil wood maker and he threw her in the dump. Pinocchio’s dad gave the old lady all that he had when she knocked on his door and she transformed into a fairy. She told him to just love Pinocchio. 

One day, the wolf and the cat told Pinocchio that he could tell a lie and Pinocchio didn’t go to school. The kids at Pinocchio’s school told his dad that he didn’t go to school. Gepetto asked Pinocchio if he went to school and he wanted to see if Pinocchio was going to tell the truth, and he lied to him. His nose grew. The evil wood maker came to Geppetto’s house with the girl wood doll and when Pinocchio saw them, he told his dad the truth behind the scenes, and then he went to sleep. The evil wood maker had tried to buy Pinocchio for 5 pieces of gold, but Geppetto said no. He did not want the evil wood maker to know that Pinnochio was a real puppet without strings. 

I really liked seeing the opera. The singing was good. It was different. They were singing and did a little bit of dancing like ballet. I had never seen an opera before. I think I would see an opera again.